Coaching Call Week 5: Job Search Strategy and Dealing with Rejection Cohort 1

Job Search Strategy and Dealing with Rejection Call Breakdown:

9:14: Goal for today's coaching call surrounding job search strategy

13:50: Discussing specific job search strategies each member currently has and any roadblocks/bumps they are encountering right now (i.e. feeling overwhelmed due to not know which job you want)

18:50: Using the things you want vs things you don't want and keywords job search strategy

21:05: Importance of tracking and monitoring positions you're interested in and also have applied for

24:45: Why you should still apply to a job even if it only somewhat interests you from the job posting

25:40: How applying and landing an interview can open another door for you within the company

28:40: Writing a letter of interest job search strategy and when to use it

31:05: Why writing a cover letter to a company of interest can lead to networking and possible future job opportunities

37:05: Tools and resources that would be beneficial for helping members develop a job strategy and action plan

38:15: How to go about sending a letter of interest to a company you are interested in working for

39:25: "Hidden" job market and which organizations typically have the ability to engineer new job positions

41:55: Why taking into account the financial portion of a job is important and should be considered when searching for a job along with different pathways you might be able to go in your job search plan

47:05: Think about your personal introduction and how you are going to introduce yourself, both on social media and during interviews

48:15: How to deal with rejection during your job search

49:50: Tips on how you should be dealing with rejection

50:45: Joanie's job search strategy about how she applied for 9 years and was rejected several times

52:45: Why you should keep your options open and your action plan active

54:52: Why you should always have your resume and cover letter ready to go

55:05: Specific techniques that recruiters and companies use to get top applicants and why you should have dedicated time set aside and action plan in place can help you make the most of the time you want to spend on job searching

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